Roppongi is definitely an worldwide city where Roppingi Hillsides, Midtown and lots of structures are aligned yet with only any step, Nishi Azabu, a place high a many hideout restaurants & dining bars might be found. Within an office across the Roppongi street, a subscription only bar lounge – “Azabu Resited & Ark Rooms” opened up by having an interior planning idea of “residence”.

The proprietors requirement was to supply a generous hospitality service equal to expensive hotels and to have this requirement “residence” grew to become the idea supplying visitors an understanding of brilliance as though these were asked to some 西麻布 ロジック. The look continues to be well considered considering the terms hospitality, intelligence and exaltation.

The venue consists of two floors the very first floor is created with four private rooms and also the basement floor works as a bar lounge. Each one of the four private rooms is offered a style for example salon, library and tea room. The item of furniture put together inside the private rooms are antiques to improve the originality and characteristics of every room. However, the B1F lounge continues to be made to create an atmosphere just like a gallery with works of art around the surfaces from the three walls which surrounds the visitors. These works of art allows the visitors to progressively match the colours that the painting offers and have the wind in the sunrise & sunset and also the ripples in the horizon.

Lights happen to be well planned to produce more volume towards the shadow instead of supplying brightness towards the space – indirect light can be used because the foundation to illuminate an individual’s expression and skin superbly, light stands are meticulously arranged in the feet to provide relaxation, and also the distribution from the lights let the colors from the works of art to gradually mesh along with the area.

All of the furnishings are initially created for this space and also the sofa upholstered with buckskin and velour provides a outfitted up guest a pleasant discuss their skin. Hopefully the visitors can enjoy and feel the conversation and space offered by a guesthouse.

High-finish share house open in Nishi-Azabu! Stylish house located near worldwide Hiroo station – right by a number of embassies. Lots of stylish shops-restaurants-shopping. Walking distance to popular Roppongi and Shibuya. Convenience store and supermarket near by. Apartment rooms have kitchen and unit bath. Single and college dorms available too. Come begin a new existence within this great neighborhood Open October 6st!

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