And they have been in the car wash business my life, I always noticed the main bird droppings on whitened cars. Of course there are more bright cars then any other coloring. I also found yellow autos had more bird ordure than normal. I had a few times tried to put myself inside birds position and imagined if I was rolling several a bomb run in a very parking lot or flying within a highway trying to hit the enemy insurgent Honda, which will car would be easiest? Most people would assume a crimson car or some other colouring, but in fact the parrots seem to like to make all their bombing runs on light cars?

A study by a university student named Charles West by Bristol University in the United Kingdom have a study with autos and learned that most often typically the birds made their conclusion based on the color of their cars and trucks and white being often the favored color to dive-bomb. The birds attempted to arised the cars and had a seventy percent kill ratio of obtaining the turd on the automobile they tried for. Many birds did not have the bombing skills of our current net-centric Predator UAVs with sensible munitions.

This study debunked on old wives’ account that seagulls always much-loved cars, which were blue. In many areas the myth is so predominanent that few people buy orange cars. Fact is a deeply, dark or pearl pink colored car is much better from being a target of your fine feathered friends versus the deadly white color. When you are shopping for a car you might need to forget the rebates and be watchful not to buy a white auto or SUV. If you forget about, I’ll see you at the car or ドクタースティック wash as our marketplace is going to the birds really.

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