You will discover varying opinions regarding the words Search Engine Results Page (SERP) in addition to PageRank (PR). Many declare these two are entirely several, independent and are not related to one another while others say they are specifically related, as one decreases the opposite follows and as one helps the other one increases. That need to be an expert in WEB OPTIMIZATION to explain the relevance, change and relation of these a couple terms. One just got on an open mind and know about algorithm that is presented by Google Corporate Technology.

SEARCH ENGINE POSITION is listing of Web pages revealed or returned by Yahoo and google (Google in this case) according to searches made by Internet users. Yahoo and google shows a list of websites (usually ten per page) that is definitely considered relevant based on the key terms used by the searcher. Page 1 or top SERP is a very important page of all this also is where every marketer wants their websites for being presented; to hold a position from the top ten websites that will be shown. Having a rank in this critical results page will increase the odds of being visited by Online surfers because people searching the Internet don’t often go the next page connected with search results.

So now let’s explain what is PageRank or PAGE RANK. Stated briefly, PR is often a trademark of Google, the item belongs only to Google and is particularly used to rank websites to signify their importance, quality and recognition in the Internet. Valuation of PUBLICITY is all about quality links leading to a certain website. Now there a wide range of reasons why websites link to different websites, it might be there benefits, useful content, reference or maybe quality. These links in addition serve as votes and the considerably more quality backlinks a website obtains from other websites, it is assumed this its PR will be bigger. These links will be looked at by Google and will be utilised in the computation of a online get google serp api. “PageRank Technology: Authority reflects our view with the importance of web pages by thinking of more than 500 million aspects and 2 billion terminology. Pages that we believe are necessary pages receive a higher Pr and are more likely to appear at the highest of the search results. “

The actual above mentioned is quoted from Yahoo Corporate Technology Overview (at the time of this writing). It can be self-explanatory and clearly expresses that improving your PR is sure to increase your chances in obtaining at the top results. Take note that the is only one way on how Yahoo or google decides which websites will likely be chosen to be listed in first place on SERP, another way will be talked over later. Now, the strong relation of PR to help SERP is presented in plain english here. If a website’s PUBLIC REALTIONS increases then the chances of getting a good listing in SEARCH ENGINE POSITION also improve but observe, it does not always work the alternative way around or vice versa, having a minimal PR does not always necessarily mean a website’s status with SERP will lessen as well as drop.

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