Texas Hold’em Game Rules

Texas Hold’em (Texas Hold’em or Hold’em) has become a popular poker game around the world, both in casino poker and online poker rooms. We will have an in-depth introduction next, but the key points you must know are as follows:

  • Each player will get 2 hole cards, and only the players themselves can see the cards
  • The dealer will deal 5 community cards, 3 for the first time, then 1 again, and finally 1 again. All players can use the community cards to form the best 5-card deck.
  • Before and after each round of community cards are revealed, players take turns betting. To stay in the game and see the next card, all players must put the same amount of chips in the pot as other players.

This is a simple game that is easy to learn, but there are almost infinite different strategies, skills and essences that can be changed.

Texas Hold’em Rules

The rules of Texas Hold’em are roughly as follows: At the beginning of the game, each player will receive 2 “hole cards”. The hole cards belong only to the player and cannot be seen by other players. Then, 5 “community cards” will be issued on the table in turn, with the cards facing up. Each player chooses 5 cards from 5 common cards and 2 hole cards in his hand to form the best deck. That is, each player selects 5 of the 7 cards to form the best deck. The player can choose to use 1 or 2 hole cards, or not choose the hole cards. If you want to know the ranking of poker decks, please refer to the page of ranking poker decks.

The difference between the 4 main Texas Hold’em poker games is the limit type:

  • Limit Texas Hold’em: There are certain limits on the amount of bet per game and round.
  • No-limit Texas Hold’em: The maximum bet amount is all the chips on the poker table.
  • Pot Limit Texas Hold’em: The maximum bet amount is the pot amount.
  • Texas Hold’em Mixed Tournament: A mixed game of Limit Texas Hold’em and No Limit Texas Hold’em in turns.

Regardless of the limit type, there are virtual currency tables and real currency tables in the Texas Hold’em game at Golden Hefa Casino .